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Complete Your Degree Faster by Taking Advantage of Our Credit Transfer Program

Queensburg Scholarship Program

More than 96% of the students receive scholarships to meet the education expense.

Queensburg Queensburg

Credits Transfer Program

At Queenburg University, we offer our students several ways to get their prior learning and experience accepted as credits. We currently accept credits for the following, only upon receiving the official documentation and after careful verification.

  • Work and Experiences
  • Skills and Test Scores
  • Courses at prior institutions
  • Military Training and Service
  • Training and Professional Certifications

Credits from Community Colleges

We also accept credits for your work at community colleges, and have a partnership with countless institutions in order to ease the transition for our students and eliminate the need for repetition of programs. Students, faculty, and even staff can apply for grants and benefits against our degree and certification programs. Find out if you are eligible for a grant, or whether your community college is one of our partners by contacting your admissions advisor.

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