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Queensburg Scholarship Program

More than 96% of the students receive scholarships to meet the education expense.

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Fee Reduction Options

At Queensburg University we believe that everyone has the right to receive high quality education. We offer a number of fee reduction options for students all over the world. Students can opt for fee reduction from our wide range of options including total fee payment, pay in installments, credit transfer, referral program and alumni discounts. With the help of these options, students can reduce their total program tuition fee up to a great deal.


Total Fee Payment

You can choose to pay your complete program tuition fee at once. You will receive a fee reduction of up to 14.5%.

Pay In Installments

You can choose to pay your fee in 2 easy installments. You are entitled to receive a 7% discount on your total program tuition fee.

Referral Program

You can save up to 25% by simply referring your friend, family or colleague as a prospective student. On every successful induction of the person you refer, your total program tuition fee will be reduced.

Alumni Discounts

We offer up to 10% discount to our graduates who have previously completed their degree, diploma or certificate program from Queensburg University and are now planning to study further.

Credit Transfer

Our credit transfer option helps you save up to 40% on your total program fee. You need to submit the transcripts of already completed courses and after evaluation of your transcripts; your credit hours will be successfully transferred. You can substantially save both your time and cost with this option.

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