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Queensburg Scholarship Program

More than 96% of the students receive scholarships to meet the education expense.

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A Global University for the 21st Century

Queensburg University is committed to deliver high quality online education to students all over the world. Students can enroll in online degree, diploma and certificate programs in 16 diverse schools and morethan 101 majors.

All our online programs are fully accredited and 100% approved by leading regional and international accreditation bodies, educational institutes and employer. We have a global outreach in across 6 continents and in more than 150 countries. With a worldwide network of partners and alumni, we are better able to provide aspiring students the right employment opportunity right after their graduation. Over the years Queensburg University has adapted to modern teaching methods to respond to the needs of the students.

Our Vision

Our aim is to create value through practical ideas and leadership, making education accessible and affordable for students around the globe. Our idea is to promote equality in education, develop leaders for tomorrow and provide unique and enriched learning opportunities for students. We aspire to advance the students by scholarships, research activities and employability.

Our Mission

Queensburg University is committed to delivering the best online education to the highest standards, disseminating knowledge and engaging students to gain practical skills. We work to create outstanding learning environment, student experience and richness of online learning. We aim to impact students in a positive manner,
enduring long-lasting relationship with its global alumni.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence

We pursue excellence in academic programs, teaching and student learning

Openness and Innovation

Our university is forward looking, welcoming, ready to advance and open to diversity


We promote financial freedom of students and work with global partners to provide scholarships


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