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Credits Transfer

If you have previously studied elsewhere and have completed the courses successfully, scoring C+ or above grade, Queensburg can award you credit transfer to complete your remaining education at Queensburg.

This will allow you to use your previous study and further your education without any worry. Queensburg University ensures that students save their money and time by offering credit transfer option.

You can easily transfer your credit from an accredited educational institute or university to Queensburg University if you have successfully completed or secured C+ or above grade in any of your previous program. This will substantially impact your education cost and save your overall time to degree completion.

How do I transfer my credit?

Credit transfer


Queensburg University does the best to accommodate students and working professionals with the credit transfer service by personalizing the program according to your requirement.

Once you have applied for the credit transfer, our academic advisors and course facilitators will review your application and documentation for consideration. Without the submission of complete documents, your application for credit transfer cannot be accepted.

Get Your Credits Accepted Right Away!

If you wish to transfer your credits from another university to , please contact our admission representative who will review your transcript and help you apply for the credit transfer facility.

Contact our representatives at or start live chat.


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